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Next Generation Campaign Management August 18, 2008

Posted by Elana Anderson in Database Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Marketing Technology, Online Marketing.
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Campaign-management technology has long been associated with the creation and deployment of outbound marketing campaigns. It’s time to change that. Marketing can no longer afford to simply act as a bullhorn pushing the product du jour or blasting cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Marketing experts have been talking about ad overload for years now. Simply put:

  • Consumers are overwhelmed with ad content.
  • They are tuning the messages out.
  • Response rates are declining while costs are rising.

Marketing organizations must evolve by shifting their communications strategy away from one-size fits all push marketing to a more customer-centric strategy that leverages the increasing proliferation of addressable channels and strives for responsiveness to individual customer behaviors. This shift requires marketing organizations to get beyond the old-style outbound campaign construct and seek to engage customers and prospects in a cross-channel dialog that builds upon their past and current behavior (I refer to this new style of marketing as interactive marketing). To do this effectively, marketers need technologies that enable them to:

  • Listen to all information provided by customers and prospects — both explicit and implied.
  • Understand past and present information to determine the best possible marketing action.
  • Communicate in a compelling, timely, and relevant manner.

What’s more, technologies must enable marketers to interact across inbound as well as outbound channels in an integrated way. Enter next-generation campaign management.

Characteristics of Next-Generation Campaign Management

Helping marketing organizations achieve this transition requires marketing technology providers to step up and outside the box. Campaign management is no longer about segmentation and list pull. Next-generation campaign management technologies must emerge that:

  • Are customer-aware. The key to listening is the ability to capture what a buyer is saying — both explicitly and implicitly — and to process that information to determine what to say next. This requires a campaign-management solution that has the capability to leverage and process both a customer’s past history, as well as present situation, in order to make predictions about likely future behavior.
  • Provide centralized decision making. Capturing both what the customer says, as well as how he responds to what you say, is fundamental to the shift to interactive marketing. That means next-generation campaign management solutions must provide a centralized decision-making capability that determines the best marketing message to extend in outbound and inbound marketing channels — online and offline.
  • Enable cross-channel execution. Your buyers interact with you across multiple channels and expect both a consistent and seamless experience as they move between channels. Anyone involved with a customer experience initiative knows this is a hard problem to solve. Next-generation campaign management solutions can help. By enabling cross-channel (inbound/outbound, online/offline) execution and providing the fundamental capability to compile a comprehensive marketing communication and response history, next-generation campaign management can help drive message and treatment consistency as well as a seamless experience as customers interact with the enterprise.
  • Integrate marketing operations. In any mid-sized or large company today, effective interactive marketing along the lines of what I’m describing has a lot of moving parts and requires collaboration across many disparate groups within the marketing function. To ease these challenges, next-generation campaign management must help marketers improve collaboration and facilitate cross-channel planning, design, execution, and measurement.


1. Chris Moran - August 18, 2008

Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Chris Moran

2. Dan Waldron - August 18, 2008

Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

3. Suaad Sait - August 20, 2008

Elana, great post, I would like to add to what you are saying. I think Next Generation Campaign Management (and Execution) should also:

1. Separate Customer Marketing From Prospect Marketing
Write down your specific goals for each area – for example –
– Customer Marketing’s goal might be to continue to build ongoing relationships with customers AND/OR drive customer relationships based on a land and expand strategy in an account etc.
– Prospect Marketing – new customer acquisition is the number one goal here. It typically takes multiple touches to get a suspect to engage or announce themselves. This means Marketing is tasked with building multi modal programs that offer a variety of call to actions.

2. Enable Marketing teams to segment customers and prospects by similar business characteristics (company attributes) and by their role (contact) in the buying cycle. This allows Marketers to create customized lead generation programs. We all now know that more is not always better. With the ability to laser target messaging at groups with similar characteristics, Marketers will experience increased campaign results and accelerated sales conversions.

3. Track and measure success based on DIRECT impact the businesses top line
Ask yourself – how much revenue (or new orders) were driven by Marketing (direct impact) in a given quarter? Campaign results and web traffic are interesting but adding a new revenue generating customer to the boards with a marketing stamp on it is priceless.

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5. Elana Anderson - August 31, 2008

Thanks for your comments and all great points. I think your first point is very much about marketing strategy and approach rather than a core function of the marketing technology. However, as you point out, the technology must support the creation of multi-modal and staged programs. Your second point — profiling, segmentation, targeting — is really core to both being customer aware as well as decisioning. And third point — measurement — is also fundamental and drives the marketing cycle. I appreciate your thoughts on this!

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