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About Me

My passion is data-driven marketing and technologies that help companies increase their focus on customer needs and improve marketing performance. I joined Unica in  June 2008 as vice president of product marketing and strategy. For years, I’ve  worked with clients as a consultant to develop relationship marketing strategy, build database marketing capabilities, leverage customer analytics, and understand and select marketing technologies that enable customer-centric marketing transformation. Now I hope to play a significant role in building technologies that help marketers make the transition.

Prior to Unica I spent five years at Forrester Research where I was Vice President and Research Director leading Forrester’s marketing practice. Prior to Forrester, I was VP of Customer Operations at Web Dialogs (acquired by IBM 8/2007) which offers Web callback (click-to-call) and collaboration (think WebEx) services to ISPs, telecom carriers, and enterprises. And, before that, I spent a dozen years in the consulting industry — first with Accenture (at that time it was Andersen Consulting) and then with Tessera Enterprise Systems (acquired by iXL — ughh! — in 2000).

I graduated from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!) in 1989.
My “MBA” was to swim and flourish as a young “Android” (as they called us then) leading a $10M engagement and managing 35 consultants from countries across the globe including: USA, Ireland, China, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and Mexico. Ultimately, I married one of the consultants from Denmark (those Danes sure know their C++).



1. Juan Ramos - December 18, 2007

Cool Elana, once i wrote to you while you still were at Forrester. My name is Juan Ramos, not related to Laura Ramos. Nevertheless i just want to congratulate you in your independent endevours.
Best of Luck
Juan Ramos
Honeywell Sales operations

2. Dennis Forgue - January 8, 2008


I am engaged in a Boston area search for a Director of Client Services for a global marketing client. The role is to lead the Agencies strategic efforts with a specific business sector of a multibilliion dollar global technology services company.

Minimum 8-10 years integrated marketing experience in the technology vertical
Strong market strategy background
Excellent communication, leadership and client management skills
Agency and client side experience
Minimum bachelors degree with an MBA preferred.

Do you know of anyone with a strong strategic marketing background in the technology vertical that would have interest in learning about a new opportunity? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Dennis Forgue
Andover Networking, LLC

3. Michael Fung - May 22, 2008


I came across your Blog and was really impressed with your insight!

I work for a marketing agency that specializes in optimizing sales and marketing. We leverage marketing automation, crm and our business process consulting expertise to make it all work then cover it with strategy, programs, creative and execution to drive LEADS that grow revenue.


4. Juan Ramos - June 4, 2008

Hello ELana, this is Juan Ramos from Honeywell BGA, it has been a while since i stopped by your blog.
Well i am back and doing an update of your postings to see what i have missed.

Juan Ramos

5. Juan Ramos - November 28, 2008

Elana Congrats!! on your recently addition to Unica, it seems to me like the perfect match. Your great experience as Consultant and senior marketing analyst couple with Unicas’s technologies powerhouse…Excellent choice.!!!

I have no excuse; my only argument would be that, just like you I was of busy at work and at other things. Also, with the many crazy things in the economy and business world i was not paying attention to your blog, shame on me.

Congratulations and wish you the best!!!

Best Regards,
Juan Ramos

6. Justina - September 14, 2014

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