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Do we really need another marketing blog? October 3, 2007

Posted by Elana Anderson in Marketing.

Good question… There are an AWFUL lot of marketing blogs out there already, so why bother? A few reasons…

  • I need an outlet: I recently left Forrester Research where I was VP and Research Director leading Forrester’s marketing practice. Forrester analysts enjoy lots of attention and, frankly, I miss that part of it!
  • I have ideas and experience worth sharing: I’ve been living and breathing data-driven marketing and marketing technology for years now. I haven’t always been an observer. Before Forrester, I spent 14 years as a consultant working side-by-side with marketers to develop analytic marketing strategies and define and implement all of the technology, process, and organizational changes to deliver on those strategies. I’ve had some major successes and a few debacles – I’ve learned from both.
  • Maybe it will help my business: Hey, I’ll be transparent, I’m planning to make a living as an independent consultant for a while. I’m done working for “THE MAN” (at least for now). This blog will be a great way to illustrate my ideas, personality, and experience. It will also help me continue to keep the brand and network that I was able to build through Forrester. 

Why NxtERA Marketing?

It’s personal: My initials are ERA (my mom was a Ph.D. candidate at MIT in the 60’s – go figure!). I turned 40 in August. Both my kids are now in school. I’m planning the next phase of my life (stay tuned)…

It’s professional: You’ve heard it before — we’ve been talking about it for years at Forrester. The consumer is in control, audiences are fragmenting, more and more marketing channels are becoming direct and interactive. Marketing needs to engage, interact, establish a dialog – yada, yada, yada… Yep, all that stuff. Marketers need to move into a new ERA and radically change their mantra, their role, and their approach.

What content can you expect to find at NxtERA Marketing?

I admit it – I’m not a fan of marketing. I think marketing today is way too much about being a bullhorn and, despite all of the noise, few marketers really walk the “customer first” or “customer-centric” (you pick the cliche) talk. When I built my first customer marketing database (at Staples) in 1995 my mother complained that my job was to send more junk mail… I want to prove her wrong!

Through this blog, I will share my:

  • Ideas and insights on “customer-centric” marketing, integrated marketing, relationship marketing, database marketing, marketing analytics, and marketing technology based on my experiences past and present.
  • Reactions to news, events, and personal marketing interactions related to the topics outlined above.
  • Recommendations about the small and big things that marketers — and marketing suppliers — can do to help move the needle towards the customer.

My goal: To entertain, inform, and share experiences.

My biggest fear: Talking to air! So, please add your comments and feel free to agree, disagree, and expand the thinking!

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1. rshevlin - October 8, 2007

We need as many GOOD marketing blogs as we can get.

2. Elana Anderson - October 10, 2007

Thanks Ron – I will do my best. Keep reading and let me know how I’m doing. I know you won’t hold anything back! See you Thurs.

3. Kevin Hillstrom - October 10, 2007

Good luck! Things build slowly but surely. Focus on RSS subscribers, don’t worry about links and Alexa rankings. When you’re writing stuff that people want to read, you’ll see your subscriber counts go up!

4. Peter Kim - October 10, 2007

woo hoo! of course we need another marketing blog, especially when it’s written by you! I’m looking forward to getting some left-brain reality from you on a regular basis 😉

5. Dave Frankland - October 19, 2007

Whatever about needing another marketing blog, we do need a healthy dose of reality, wit, and insight. Good luck with it!

6. Elana Anderson - November 8, 2007

Kevin, Pete, and Dave – Thanks for your good wishes!

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